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Libro’s solution makes it easy to manage your reservations. Our goal is to increase your income with a platform that is designed for your restaurant.

Your Turn to Get Good Service

Our approach is different. We actively participate in your success with a platform that is adapted to your business and at a fair price.


24/7 reservations, waiting list management and seating plans: Libro increases your restaurant traffic. An effective tool to avoid no-shows and maximize your income.

A Fair Price

Our plans are monthly, with no commitment, but above all there are no service charges. We also offer you a free one-month trial of Libro.

Increased Visibility

Our mission is to represent restaurant owners. We do this by offering a customized tool that reflects your company image, and is supported by a well-established network of partners that give you more visibility.

Libro on all your devices!

A Complete Solution

Libro is an easy-to-use, reliable and complete tool with innovative features. Essentially, it was created to represent your interests.


Receive 24/7 reservation requests, updated in real time. Compatible with Veloce, Maitre’D and Lightspeed, our tool easily integrates with your point of sale (POS) system.

You can also access two-way communication by chat, or chat and text (one of our exclusive features) to communicate with your customers.

Seating Management

Improve your profitability by managing your tables and seating plans.

COVID-19 : Libro lets you effectively manage your waiting lists to avoid crowds at the entrance to your restaurant. A useful feature that reassures your customers and respects physical distancing rules.

Online Order

The online ordering tool is 100% integrated to your Libro system. A personalized and easy to use solution! Offer your menus online for take-out and delivery.


Reduce no-shows with features like text reservation confirmation, security deposits, prepayments and no-show history.

Customer Service

Personalize your customers’ experience with a permanent database. This will help you get to know their habits, their visiting history, add notes on their allergies or their preferences.

Libro also includes a post-reservation survey function to make your service better.

Reports and Analysis

Improve your performance with advanced reports that are available in real time.

Traffic, waiting times, popular time slots, Libro helps you improve your service.


Increase your income by offering gift cards, prepaid cards and a takeout menu.

You can also use Libro for your digital marketing actions: connect to Google Analytics to see where your customers come from, add pixels for remarketing and use Mailchimp for email marketing.


More platforms.
More customers.

Your website is no longer the only place customers go to make reservations. That’s why we developed a network of partners that lets you display your reservation button on all platforms.

We are also the only Quebec tool partnered with Google. An association that gives you more visibility and a better chance of success.

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What our customers say

For several months now, we have been offering our customers the possibility to make their reservations online using the Libro platform. This new technology allows us to offer a better experience to our customers, while facilitating the work of our franchisees. We are pleased to be able to count on the experience, dynamism, and excellent customer service of the people at Libro. From the very beginning, we have felt their interest in serving us well. We recommend them to you!

Katherine Harton, Senior Director of Operations, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert

From the very beginning, when we had just opened our restaurant, Libro approached us with a solution that would be adapted to our reality, and so since 2017, we have been working with them in full collaboration. They do not limit themselves to simply providing a service, but also to develop the reservation platform in a continuous and proactive way, always including us in the search for solutions to improve the restaurant and guest experience. With Libro, we save over 2 hours a day when it comes to managing our reservations.

Thank you Libro for this precious collaboration!

Pascal Bussières, Owner, Battuto

We are proud to do business with a local vendor who stands out for their listening, professionalism and desire to offer a rewarding bookings experience to our customers. Libro cares about the success of our restaurants, but also the next generation of hospitality workers! Our students are thus trained with the best technological tools in order to be ready to enter the job market quickly and efficiently.

Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, directeur de la restauration commerciale à l’ITHQ
Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, Executive Chef and Restaurant Services Manager, ITHQ

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